Medical Education Unit and Quality Assurance Scheme

Medical Education Unit (MEU): 

Continuous Medical Educations, CPDs, Seminars, and Symposiums are held regularly under the supervision of Medical Education Unit of GMC.

Paper presented in CME/CPD from December, 2015 till date:



Organized by


02.12.15 Geriatric health: the story of a 105 years old patient Dept. of Medicine Dr. Ahmed Nashin
03.12.15 Quality assurance scheme in under graduation Medical Education Medical Education Unit Prof. Dr. Ashraf Uddin Ahmed
09.12.15 Update on Immunization Dept. of Paediatrics Dr. Nausheen Jahan Khan

Dr. Sk. Hasanul Banna

30.12.15 HIV/AIDS overview Dept. of Dermatology Dr. Jishan Ahmed
13.01.16 Management of Diabetes Mellitus Dept. of Medicine Dr. Binti Biswas
27.01.16 Thalassemia: an update Dept. of Paediatrics Dr. Sabrin Tabassum Simmy
03.02.16 Pathology of Atherosclerosis Dept. of Pathology Dr. Hasan Hafizur Rahman
10.02.16 Problem based learning Medical Education Unit Prof. Dr. Ashraf Uddin Ahmed
17.02.16 Zika Virus Infection:
A Vector Borne Disease
Dept. of Community Medicine Dr. Ehsamul Azim
02.03.16 Update on Orthopaedic surgey Dept. Orthopaedics & Traumatology Dr. Zobaer Rakib
23.03.16 Chronic anal fissure: an update Dept. of Surgery Dr. Sk. Hasanul Banna
13.04.16 Updated management of anxiety disorder Dept. of Psychiatry Dr. Asifuddaula Rizvi

Dr. Saiful Islam

04.05.16 Rape and Rape trauma syndrome Dept. Forensic medicine Dr. Sanjida Akhter
11.05.16 An overview of mental illness Dept. of Psychiatry Dr. Anabeel Sen
25.05.16 Management of Amblyopia Dept. of Ophthalmology Dr. Afnan Islam
01.06.16 Current concept of fracture healing and bone regeneration Dept. of Orthopaedics & Traumatology Dr. Khaled-Ben Faruque Bhuiyan
13.07.16 Sleep apnoea Dept. of Otolaryngology & Head-Neck Surgery Dr. Khaled-Ben Faruque Bhuiyan
20.07.16 How to make lecture effective Medical Education Unit Dr. Lima Shompa
27.07.16 Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR): basic life support Dept. of Anaesthesiology Dr. Khaled-Ben Faruque Bhuiyan


Quality Assurance Scheme (QAS):

QA Scheme started in the year 2014.

Name of the academic coordinator: Prof. Kamrun Nahar, Head, Dept. of Gynaecology & Obstetrics.